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Dynamical systems and Automatic Control

Code: C1422, ECTS: 2


The subject of this class is the study and control of dynamical systems. Three  main themes are addressed :

  • Dynamical systems analysis (stability, robustness, and perturbation theory)
  • Control (feedback linearization, motion planning and trajectory tracking)
  • Observation (estimation, asymptotic observer, filtering and diagnosis).


Examples from  both industrial and academic worlds serve as introduction and illustration for several key definitions and results. These yield classes of control and observation algorithms. More theoretical results stemming from this approach are presented, and, most importantly, we stress their limitations by sketching perspectives toward open problems. Numerical experiments (conducted with Scilab) motivate the need for robustness and performance. They also underline the roles of (large-scale) simulation models and low dimensional control design oriented models. Mainly, we focus on systems governed by continuous-time ordinary differential equations. Discrete time systems fundamentals are given as an appendix.

Teaching team

Nicolas PETIT

Teaching staff
Charles-Henri CLERGETFlorent DI MEGLIOThomas LEROY

Aurélien FIOT
Code C1422
Year 1st year
Level Undergraduate
ECTS Credits 2
Coefficient 2
Nb. of hours 27
Nb. of lessons 22
Course type Fundamentals
Semester 2
Period Spring
  • Mathématiques appliquées et calcul
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