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Geomechanical and geological engineering

Code: MINES4, ECTS: 2


The course introduces the foundations of geotechnology and geology for the engineer on the basis of the earth sciences and mechanical engineering. Various applications illustrate the traditional intervention of the engineer in the field of territorial development (according to the principles of Design with Nature): design of civil engineering construction work, exploitation of natural resources, environmental problems.


Natural materials (soils and rocks) are described with the petrographic and geotechnical identification, and their deformability and resistance features. Fundamental processes (consolidation of light soils - Terzaghi model, gradual deformation and rupture - Bjerrum model, liquefaction of seismic solicitations, etc.) are analysed according to laboratory conditions and to those of the terrain. The applications are dealt with in the form of case studies: geological and geotechnical problems related to viaducts (the Ebron viaduct - A51, etc.), tunnels (Eole, Météor, etc.), dams (Vaïont, Malpasset, Trois Gorges, etc.), dimensions of major rocky excavation slopes in open-cast mines (Morocco, Brazil, China, etc.), specific problems related to the City of Paris, and landslides in the Alps.

Teaching team


Teaching staff
Frédéric PELLET

Year 2nd & 3rd years
Level Graduate 1st year, Graduate 2nd year
ECTS Credits 2
Coefficient 2
Nb. of hours 37
Nb. of lessons 30
Course type Additional informations
Semester 3, 5
Period Autumn
  • Génie et sciences de la terre
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