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ATHENS - MP19 - Operations research in the industry

Sigle: MP1223/5, ECTS: 2

Objectifs du cours

This course will focuss on three important concepts of Optimization and Computer Science theory :  linear programming (LP), graph theory and dynamic programming (DP). Its aim is to provide ATHENS students with a solid background in Operations Research so they can tackle real problems  in the industry. The domain of applications is spreading from planning,  to logistics, from routing to and inventory control to revenue management.
After a two days "crash-course" in operations research that will focuss on fondamental concepts and techniques, we will work with them on 6 test-cases that can be found in Airlines or Transportation companies, Telecommunication companies, Services and commodities.


Some knowledge of mathematical modelisation, duality concepts in optimization, an interest in computer science and programming, the ability to use spreadsheets.


OR Crash-course = two days

    • Linear Programming
    • Dynamic Programming
    • Duality : how it is used in algorithms
    • Integer and Mixed-Integer Programming
    • Graph Theory : the main models
    • Heuristics, Branch & Bound, Column generation
    • Advanced Modelling
    Applications = three days
      • Inventory control
      • Planning and assignment problems  
      • Network optimization  
      • Scheduling
      • Routing, Shortest-Path problems
      • Revenue Management 

      Modalités d'évaluation

      Multiple choice items test plus mini-project or oral exam.

      Equipe pédagogique

      Jean-Christophe CULIOLI

      Chargé(s) d'enseignement

      Sébastien LEMAIRE
      Sigle MP1223/5
      Année 2ème & 3ème année
      Niveau Graduate 1st year, Graduate 2nd year
      Crédits ECTS 2
      Coefficient 2
      Nb. d'heures 37
      Nb. de séances 30
      Type de cours Descriptifs complémentaires
      Semestre 3, 5
      Période Automne
      • Mathématiques appliquées et calcul
      • Sciences économiques et sociales
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