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ATHENS - MP14 - Production systems and logistics

Code: MP9823/5, ECTS: 2


Over the last 30 years, most industrialized and developing countries have seen a significant change in their production systems.
This has not only led to the use on industrial sites of new technologies based on automatic control systems and computer science (computer-assisted systems, the exchange of computerized data), but also to new approaches aimed at designing, piloting and evaluating industrial units, which today are subjected to ever-increasing constraints and to ever more ambitious objectives. It is a question of managing compromises: quality, costs, delivery times in the best conditions, to be able to stand up to international competition which is increasing year by year.
These strategic objectives also apply to industrial production and increasingly to all the logistic processes upstream (supplies) and downstream (distribution networks).
The course aims, on the one hand, to show the essential features of these tools and these new methods and to present the concepts on which they are based and, on the other hand, to develop a critical attitude towards what such tools can bring and the respective limitations of those tools based on concrete testimony from consultants and industry.


Le cours est articulé en trois grandes parties.

Dans un premier temps, le cours aborde les grandes décisions stratégiques et tactiques en matière de gestion de la production : choix de « sourcing » ; décisions relatives à la capacité; puis organisation de la production.

Le cours traite ensuite des principes de planification de la production et de l'ordonnancement.

Enfin la dernière partie du cours est consacrée aux approches juste à temps (kanban,,...) à la qualité et au supply chain management

Le cours est assuré par des enseignants chercheurs de Mines Paristech, mais également par des intervenants industriels et des consultants de haut niveau.

Teaching team


Teaching staff

Pierre-Philippe DORNIER ; Bernard MURRY
Code MP9823/5
Year 2nd & 3rd years
Level Graduate 1st year, Graduate 2nd year
ECTS Credits 2
Coefficient 2
Nb. of hours 37
Nb. of lessons 30
Course type Additional informations
Semester 3, 5
Period Autumn
  • Sciences économiques et sociales
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