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Image synthesis for virtual reality

Code: S1833/5, ECTS: 3


The aim of the course is to study the problem of virtual reality in terms of the interface with the user and the modelling of the virtual world. The students will generate synthetic images and interactive virtual worlds by making use of the concepts studied in the various parts of the course.


  • introduction to the problem of virtual reality and basic concepts;
  • overview of behavioural interfaces, studies on stereoscopic vision and performance;
  • geometrical modelling and algorithms: CSG, Brep, Delaunay triangulations;
  • 3D image synthesis: real-time algorithms, software and libraries;
  • computer-based animation techniques: keyframing, inverse kinematics for the development of animated films and video games, mechanical simulation, etc.;
  • lectures and classes: realistic rendering using PoveRay, representation and animation of 3D objects in the interactive virtual contexts with the VRML language.

Teaching team

Alexis PALJICOlivier STAB

Teaching staff

Code S1833/5
Year 2nd & 3rd years
Level Graduate 1st year, Graduate 2nd year
ECTS Credits 3
Coefficient 3
Nb. of hours 37
Nb. of lessons 30
Course type Specialized courses
Semester 3, 5
Period Autumn
  • Informatique
  • Signal et imagerie
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