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Digital audio coding

Code: S1916, ECTS: 1


This course is devoted to digital audio coding: it covers its fundamental concepts and algorithms from signal processing and computer science, presents their uses in popular audio technologies (such as MP3, GSM, etc.) and includes the development of various compression methods during lab sessions.


Concepts and algorithms:

  • Information theory and entropy coding,
  • Scalar and vector quantization,
  • Prediction and identification of parametric models,
  • Spectral analysis,
  • Models for voice and earing.
Lab sessions and cases studies:
  • Introduction to Python,
  • Generic lossless coding,
  • Audio losless coding,
  • Voice predictive coding,
  • Audio perceptual coding.

Teaching team


Teaching staff

Code S1916
Year 3rd year
Level Graduate 2nd year
ECTS Credits 1
Coefficient 1
Nb. of hours 12
Nb. of lessons 10
Course type Specialized courses
Semester 6
Period Spring
  • Informatique
  • Signal et imagerie
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