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Code: S2333/5, ECTS: 3


The experimental facilities available at the School of Mines and its research centres (X-ray diffractometers, electron microscopes and optical microscopes) are used to introduce the fundamental notions of crystallography and diffraction which will be dealt with during the course. Attention will focus on the concepts of symmetry and periodicity which are essential in interpreting and modelling the physical properties of crystalline materials and their behaviours when subjected to a physical or mechanical stress. Experimental demonstrations and practical work on the methods for analysing crystal structures and orientations by X-ray diffractometry and transmission electron microscopy will be related to applications in materials science (the metallurgy of aeronautic superalloys, for instance) and molecular biology


  • crystal symmetry, point groups, crystal systems,
  • crystal lattice, reciprocal lattice, the Bravais lattices,
  • crystal structures, space groups,
  • stereographic projection,
  • X-ray diffraction theory,
  • experimental X-ray and electron diffraction of polycrystalline materials.

Teaching team


Teaching staff

Code S2333/5
Year 2nd & 3rd years
Level Graduate 1st year, Graduate 2nd year
ECTS Credits 3
Coefficient 3
Nb. of hours 37
Nb. of lessons 30
Course type Specialized courses
Semester 3, 5
Period Autumn
  • Physique
  • Matériaux
  • Génie et sciences de la terre
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