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Operations research

Code: S9823, ECTS: 2


Operations research is a set of mathematical techniques whereby a number of theoretical problems presenting analogies to real management problems can be formalized and solved. Although operations research was in fashion after the Second World War, to such a point that certain authors presented it as a panacea that could deal with any management problem, it is now considered in a more realistic way: although models developed under the title OR can rarely be applied to real problems, like mathematics they remain indispensable for the analysis of certain complex interactions. Therefore it is worth while knowing the traditional examples of success in this field.


The approach taken was to present only the best-known models of operational research, that is a certain number of relatively simple cases where the problems can be entirely formalized and solved by algorithmic procedures (procedures based on repetitive rules whereby the optimum in a finite number of times can be reached under the constraints of an economic function). The mathematical bases of the algorithmic functions thus studied are presented with a degree of care, but without all the refinements being made explicit. This perspective enables us to look closely at the basic hypotheses of the model and therefore at the limits of its validity.

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Code S9823
Year 2nd year
Level Graduate 1st year
ECTS Credits 2
Coefficient 2
Nb. of hours 18
Nb. of lessons 15
Course type Specialized courses
Semester 3
Period Autumn
  • Mathématiques
  • Sciences économiques et sociales
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